Programs and Topics

This year’s Fall Vision Meeting includes two award lectures, five invited sessions, three contributed talk sessions, contributed poster presentations, software workshops, and a banquet dinner.

Award Lectures

  1. The Tillyer Award Lecture, given by this year's award recipient, Wilson S. Geisler III of the University of Texas, Austin
  2. The Boynton Lecture, given by last year's award recipient, Professor Christine Curcio of the University of Alabama, Birmingham

Invited Sessions

  1. Artificial intelligence applications in ophthalmology and vision science
  2. GABAergic function and dysfunction in visual perception
  3. Reawakening plasticity in the visual cortex
  4. Retinal structure and function at the submicron resolutions
  5. Top-down and bottom-up approaches to computational modeling of vision

Workshops on software tools for reproducible science

  1. Software carpentry workshops on fundamentals of research computing, such as the Unix shell, version control with Git, and programming with Python
  2. Demonstrations of other tools useful for reproducible science, such as Flywheel and PsychoPy