Program Committee

Program Committee

Ravi Jonnal, UC Davis (chair)

Alex Wade, University of York (chair-elect)

Ramkumar Sabesan, University of Washington (color chair)

Manuel Spitschan, Max Planck Institute (color chair-elect)

Geoffrey Aguirre, University of Pennsylvania (vision chair)

Ipek Oruc, University of British Columbia (vision chair-elect)

Jessica Morgan, University of Pennsylvania (clinical chair)

Kim Meier, University of Washington (clinical chair-elect)

Jesse Schallek, University of Rochester (applications chair)

Rob Cooper, Marquette University (applications chair-elect)

Local Organizing Committee (University of Rochester)

Jesse Schallek, Michael Telias, Maria Vinas-Pena, with administrative help from Debbie Shannon, Michele Schultz, Paula Losey, Sara Peterson, Chris Freemesser

Please direct questions about the conference program to Ravi Jonnal, and questions about logistics, travel, or lodging to members of the Local Organizing Committee.

Past Program Committee Members: Craig Abbey, Geoff Aguirre, David Brainard, Alyssa Brewer, Angela Brown, Melanie Campbell, Rowan Candy, Joe Carroll, Stacey Choi, Nancy Coletta, Miguel Eckstein, Ione Fine, Jennifer Hunter, Krystal Huxlin, Barry Lee, Paul Martin, John Mollon, Kathy Mullen, Jeff Mulligan, Tony Norcia, Eli Peli, Jason Porter, Geraint Rees, Marilyn Schneck, Vivianne Smith, Andrew Stockman, Duje Tadin, Larry Thibos, Brian Vohnsen, Vicki Volbrecht, Laura Walker-Renninger, Mike Webster, Jack Werner, Carol Westall, and many others.